Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo & Associates - Pontiac Marina, Singapore

Beginning in 1990, Kevin Roche was commissioned to design an entire complex on the Marine Bay in the heart of Singapore.  The overall masterplan was devised by Kevin Roche who brought in Philip Johnson John Burgee to design the shopping mall and one of the hotels.


Kevin was responsible for two office towers and one hotel design on the site plus all the major public spaces between the towers.  One of the major challenges to the site was a failed development had constructed foundations on the site and the city/state of Singapore imposed strict height limitations so the design had to squeeze as much profitable space as possible for the developer with the zoning confines.


I had the good fortune on being heavily involved from this project from the very beginning.  As with every project Kevin Roche designs, he relies completely on builiding physical models which change and evolve as the design progresses.  I was heavily involved in the design for the hotel (Site 118A) and the second office tower (Site 117B).


Below are an array of models showing the various design solutions proposed by Kevin.  The second set of photos shows some of the final photographs of the completed complex.

Some of the models used in the design process for Kevin Roche.  We constructed an overall model at a smaller scale showing the entire development and then hotel had its own larger model built of the entire complex.  Larger models were also built for the office towers.